Superior Sinter Solutions

Since 1948

Success connects. Down to the thousandth of a millimetre.

How is a project successfully implemented?
When all wheels engage with each other, perfectly coordinated and without gaps.

Why do we know this so well?
Because that has been defko’s mission for more than 70 years.

Development & innovation

Expertise from practice and the laboratory

Construction, tool & special purpose machinery manufacture

Each sinter mould is unique

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Precision & dimensional accuracy

Quality is measurable


Flexibly designed processes are the decisive key

different parts
parts per day
years of experience

defko® – Superior Sinter Solutions

defko® – Superior Sinter Solutions

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We have been involved in the manufacture of sinter parts for over 70 years.

Margit Pölzelbauer
Margit Pölzelbauer
Head of Sales and Production Planning
Anna Beisteiner
Anna Beisteiner
Head of Purchasing and Controlling
Monika Csiszar
Monika Csiszar
Head of QA